My Funny Valentines

About a year ago I was handed a cardboard box filled with comic books from the 1960's. Some of them were in great shape but plenty were falling apart. I knew that somehow they would be useful for a new collection of mixed media work. Sure enough, I was able to use the old covers in the wings of art prepared for Valentine's Day. Thanks to Robin B. for the excellent idea to call them "My Funny Valentines". Here is "My Funny Valentine with Donald Duck and Baby Duck". See the others on the SHOP MIXED MEDIA page.

Getting ready for Valentine's day!

Coming up on January 24th - our next pop up exhibit featuring new mixed media art, paintings and ceramic mugs. I am pleased to be sharing this show with Bushel & Peck Baked, a local kitchen turning out small batch, hand crafted cookies that will knock your socks off!

"Fading Rose Bird" detained by airport security

Oh no! Fading Rose Bird was stopped by the airport authorities in DC while on its way to Massachusetts. No, it wasn't the fact that the beak is really a pair of metal snips. My sources tell me that there was suspicion about the bird's body. What exactly was that tough, stone like substance? Relief came ten minutes later when officials realized it was only plaster! On to its final destination went this Christmas gift, happy to land in the un-suspicious hands of its delighted new owner!