Handmade, intimate artworks - perfect for the smaller wall. Each piece is sculpted by hand and embellished with ink, acrylics and carefully selected metal, wood or plastic components.

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AVIARY by Elyse Harrison is an online store featuring the latest mixed media artwork from my studio located in the heart of downtown Bethesda, Maryland, a vibrant urban center one metro stop from the beautiful city of Washington, DC.

Animal imagery, especially in folk art and book illustration has long been a major influence in my art.

My hand formed plaster based sculptures typically measure between 10" - 15" in height or width and are embellished with ink and acrylic paint. These same techniques are occasionally applied to sculptures of other animals and of people, yet the wings, beaks and rounded bodies of birds provide an endless source of inspiration. Unique components implemented into my art are often found in antique shops, hardware stores, bead shops, salvage yards or flea markets. It's a fun, fascinating way to design that keeps my "cabinets of curiosity" filled with potential. My mixed media art comes ready to hang and is signed on the back.

To view paintings and commercial projects please visit my portfolio site, Elyse Harrison Art.

My studio is located at 5001 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Maryland, 20814, in The Peripoint Building.